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As a former athlete, I’m no stranger to injuries, and of course, physical therapy. I’ve had countless orthopedic procedures and am more than familiar with the therapy routine that follows. When I had my energy healing session with Pat, I was approximately one week post-op from a repair for a fracture in my hand that required the placement of 3 screws. Not only was I able to feel relief and a marked improvement in the very moment of the session, but at my first of a prescribed 6 weeks of PT appointments, I was told it would also be my last appointment and that they had never seen such progress and healing after an injury of this nature. I regained full range of motion and was 100% pain free within 4 weeks of surgery. Extraordinary results and I truly believe I owe this to Pat and her remarkable abilities.
 - Angela S.
Patricia's demeanor is soothing and confident at the same time, which immediately put me at ease.  As I lay there for a few minutes, I felt a very distinct loosening of my chest muscles. I also felt my throat open more and then the pain in my ankle from a hard run—which had been bothering me for a few days—slowly dissolved.  Wow. I felt lighter for days after, and the ankle pain never returned.  I highly recommend Pat—she truly has a gift!     - Pamela W.
Patricia sat with me and listened, so she could understand what I wanted from my session, then asked me to sit with eyes closed and relax while she worked energetically. I find it incredible how she not only was able to relax my entire body and herd out all of the stress I was feeling, but also fix my G.I. problem at the same time without touching me.  After only a few hours of letting the process run its course, I noticed a full improvement in my GI symptoms.  I definitely see myself going back for more sessions in the future and recommending her to anyone who needs a spiritual heal.     - Joe F.
Patricia and I have been friends and healing colleagues for many years.  She is a wonderful, caring person with great natural healing abilities.  She is professional in every sense of the word.  She works and heals from her heart as she incorporates the energetic healing processes into each and everyone of her clients.  For me, Patricia’s energetic work is amazing.  She has worked on me and my loved ones on numerous occasions.  Strikingly accurate healings, many times at many miles from each other, the effect for me is practically immediate, with great relief and accuracy.     - Betty N.
Dear Pat,
Thank you for all your work on me. You are a gifted healer and so willing to give of yourself. I can always feel a difference when you have worked on me. I feel lighter with some symptoms resolved. It has certainly helped with my journey through cancer over the past year. Thank you for your kindness, your gifts and your abilities. I hope you continue to go forward to heal many more.
Many blessings,
My sweet 9 month old son was having trouble with constipation and Pat completely helped him. She performed a distance healing on him while he was asleep. When he woke from his nap, we did a stomach channel opening. And hour later, I had to change his diaper twice after his release. 

Pate is simply the real deal!

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