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What  is Vital Flow Energy Healing?

Vital Flow Energy Healing is here to support you in becoming more proactive in your healing journey, helping you to connect to your healing abilities in a more effective, targeted and joyful way. You can feel lighter, healthier. Learn techniques to manage and heal pain, create relaxation and peace. Connect more directly to your healing abilities. 

Energy healing, gentle movements and guided visualization are tools that put the power in your hands and can help you feel better physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  You can take control of your health simply and effectively on a daily basis for overall maintenance, while in between treatments, before, during and after a procedure or training for an event. 


My goal is to assist and support wellness in individuals and the workplace where energy healing can have a palpable impact on stress reduction and overall wellness.  Implemented consistently, wellness integration translates to reduced sick days, positive work flow and increased retention rates.  I support a stronger connection between the allopathic and alternative healing communities.  I see healing as being an inclusive versus an exclusive process.  There is no need to choose but rather add and support. I encourage open communication, integration of the alternative and allopathic communities. Qigong, reiki and guided imagery are excellent complementary modalities that can help you hasten your healing process and find balance. These modalities are not associated with any religious practice nor are they in conflict with Western modalities. Everyone is welcome.

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